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What To Do In Jordan

What To Do In Jordan

It is a country located in a conflict zone in the Middle East. However, it is the country that behaves well, that is certain, that has had a great change to offer its inhabitants a good life. And now, it is a country focused on attracting tourism from all over the world. This time I share the best things to do during Jordan Tours. Plan your trip. And be sure to include these sites in it.

The 5 best things to do in Jordan



Petra is the jewel of the country and why many visit Jordan. It is also a Wonder of the World located in a desert that has stones like mountains. It is also called the pink city because of the color of its stone. Visiting Petra on your own means a lot of energy. Sometimes, of good physical effort because the place is huge. And that is perhaps what most surprises the one who visits it for the first time.

Simply to enter you will have to go a long way between the stones, called the Siq. Then find yourself facing the Treasure. The most recognized site in all of Petra. From there it will only be the beginning. The advantage of touring Petra on foot is that you can become an explorer. Well, inside the site you can climb the stones. Enter the graves. Or tour the site as if it were yours to find corners that you did not expect.

Wadi Rum Camel Ride


Located in southern Jordan, the Wadi Rumes desert is one of the most recognized landscapes in the country. It has been described in chronicles and books, as well as used as a location in different films. Movies that, by the way, try to recreate the atmosphere of Mars. So you can give yourself a slight idea of ​​how it is. One of the most popular activities to do in Wadi Rum is to ride a camel. Not only to explore the sands of this immense place. But also to find a good place to see the sunrise. The camels in Wadi Rum are regulated by the government. This means that they are kept in good condition and sometimes allowed to wander through some areas. Being on top of a camel is a unique experience. And doing it in landscapes like these is even better.

Swim in the Dead Sea


We have all heard about those waters with such an amount of salt that they float without much effort. That place is the Dead Sea located very close to Amman. Reaching him is extremely simple for travelers. The Dead Sea really is not a sea nor is it dead. There are organisms that manage to live in its waters even though it would be impossible for a normal fish to survive there. This place is also the lowest point on Earth accessible to humans. It is located more than 400 meters below sea level. Although not really feel. Have a look on Dead sea tours packages for Jordan at low cost price.

There are some “beaches” along the Dead Sea coast. Where you can not only swim, or float, but also complete the natural spa experience. This experience consists in smearing you completely of a brown mud that you take out of the waters. Mud that, they say, contains very good minerals for the skin. Only to later remove it with the salty waters of the sea.

Transport you to the Roman past in Jerash


If you are interested in history and more than one of the most important cultures of our time, then visiting Jerash is something you will enjoy a lot. It is considered one of the most important Roman cities in the area. Today Jerash can be traveled at a slow pace to get to know every corner of the city that today remains in ruins. Really visit her in a pleasant surprise. Not many expect such Roman ruins in a country like Jordan. Once inside the site, you can walk through the ruins, touch them and read the different explanations that are in place to better understand the entire site. Now that, if you prefer, you can hire a certified guide within the place.

Walk through downtown Amman


Amman is a city of contrasts. On the one hand, it maintains the essence of the Middle East. With small houses the color of sand located in several mountains that surround the city. And on the other, development areas with large hotels, shops and restaurants. Worthy of any big city. Although it is not so easy to travel the entire city on foot. Yes it is the city center. Starting with the Citadel and going down towards the center of Amman. To walk through the heart of the Jordanian capital. During the tour you will find many Arab shops and local cafes. But especially with many people who will welcome you to their country with a kindness that I have seen in a few places.

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