Nov 07

Dead Sea from Aqabah



Tour : Dead Sea from Aqaba port 

For centuries, people have been fascinated by the Dead Sea. At 400 metres below sea level it lies at the lowest spot on the earth. The water here’s packed with salt and minerals, which means it’s completely devoid of life. But it’s all this goodness that gives it curative powers. These very salts and minerals find their way into products sold all over the world. On this tour we’ll take you to one of the most luxurious spa hotels situated on the Dead Sea’s north eastern shore. Here you’ll get around four hours to sunbathe, swim and smother yourself in healing minerals from the sea’s muddy floor – or just relax in the gently lapping waters. Remember, this is a place where you definitely can’t sink! After a tasty meal in the hotel restaurant you’ll make your way back to Aqaba, refreshed, relaxed and raring to go.

Rate per person


 2 Persons  3 Persons  4 Persons  5 Persons  6 Persons
 225 USD 210  USD 175 USD 155USD 150USD


Price includes: 

Day Use in 5 star hotel at the Dead Sea


Lunch at Dead Sea in a 5 stars hotel (Open Buffet).

Price excludes:


Personal Extras



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