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Jordan Interesting Facts – Things You Didn’t Know

Jordan Interesting Facts – Things You Didn’t Know

Jordan is an Arab country that is situated in the Middle East on the east bank of the Jordan River. The nation is characterized commonly holds, old and notable landmarks, and coastline kinds of resorts. The nation, which is home to the well known archaeological site of Petra, is meant by a youthful populace. The middle age of the people is around 22 years of age. In this post, we have accumulated Jordan excursions fascinating and interesting facts– that you didn’t know. Trust they will rouse you to visit this lovely nation!

  • On account of Jordan’s open spaces, individuals who travel through the nation don’t feel the squash of traffic. Subsequently, you won’t hear the steady discord of blaring horns as destroy you different spots. That makes it workable for guests to appreciate and investigate the field, a territory that is set apart by remnants all over.
  • Among these, on the off chance that you are in the inclination to see megalithic landmarks, you can see a lot of them in Jordan. For instance, Jerash is a Greco-Roman town that has been all around safeguarded. By investigating this site, you can think of a couple of fun realities about Jordan all alone. Without a doubt, various old societies have left their impressions over the Jordanian scene. The nation has encountered Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Arab impacts more than a huge number of years.
  • Truth is told, antiquated archeological destinations can be found amidst the nation’s capital too. For example, the Temple of Hercules, which is an antiquated Roman religious site, lies at the highest point of a slope in Amman (Jabal al-Qal’a). The site appears to be strange, particularly at dusk when church ringers issue a get to supplication and sound out from the minarets beneath.
  • One of the fun actualities about Jordan has to do with its official name. Jordan’s formal name is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. So you may state that “Jordan” is an abbreviated adaptation of the official moniker. Be that as it may, the nation was known as Transjordan in 1922 after the World War I division of the Middle East made by France and Britain. The nation was formally assigned by the UN as a free and sovereign kingdom 24 years after the fact in 1946.
  • Petra also called the Rose City; Petra is home to such tourist spots as the previously mentioned Al-Khazneh and Ed-Deir landmarks. Petra is not a city built with stone but is literally excavated and sculpted in the stone, something that makes it wonderful and at the same time enigmatic. The visit to this Nabatean city is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the trip. Classified as World Heritage by UNESCO since 1985, the path is as beautiful as the destination and transports us from the first moments in the past.

    This walk of about half an hour runs along the Seq, the main access road to the city. This natural gorge, which in places is less than 3 meters wide and whose walls can reach several tens of meters high, facilitated the defense of the city. The emotion of gradually discovering Al-Khazneh, one of the most beautiful monuments also called “the treasure”, is striking! 2 days needed to discover the size of this city dating back over 2000 years and which has 500 tombs spread over a mountain valley. Ascending the 800 steps cut into the cliff to reach the majestic Ad-Deir monastery is worth the effort, and the small café located at the top will allow you to rest and admire the monument while relaxing! The Treasury” is to be seen absolutely in the morning when the sun illuminates its facade carved directly in the rock.

Jerash or Gerasa is one of the best preserved Roman sites in the world. Hidden under the sand for several centuries, the first excavations were carried out around the 20s. The tasty blend of West and East, its walls pierced by towers still protect the cobbled streets with colonnades, temples perched on promontories, beautiful theaters, large public squares, thermal baths, and fountains. Thanks to its admirable preservation and 70 years of restoration, it is easy to imagine life as it was at the time walking on the same stones that people walked well before the time of the Roman Emperor Hadrian.

  • Follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia in this dessert! You can go for beautiful hikes, rides on horseback or dromedary or if you prefer an all-terrain vehicle. One thing is certain; you absolutely must admire the sunset or the sunrise over the red desert and climb the magnificent rock formations that dot the desert. Finish the experience by staying in a charming Bedouin camp.
  • The Dead Sea, which is actually a lake, is the lowest point in the world, with its 429 meters below sea level. The salinity of the Dead Sea (27.5% per liter of water against about 3% for seawater) is such that the human floats there without any effort and it is impossible to swim normally. Rich in minerals, the waters of the Dead Sea are famous for treating psoriasis and rheumatism. A visit to Jordan will not be complete without a swim and a mud bath! Several options are offered: from the spa hotel to the public beach. But why not treat yourself to the ultimate experience and stay in one of the luxurious spas that line the sea.
  • For lovers of scuba diving, you will be able to discover beautiful seabed. They may not be as spectacular as those of its neighbor opposite, Egypt, but you can explore Cedar Pride, a Lebanese wreck sunk in 1986 to provide a refuge for wildlife and the surrounding flora plants. Israel has never been so close to you, the adjoining city of Aqaba is Eilat and customs allows you to cross the border. If you are at the end of life of your current passport and you dream of seeing it stamped by the State of Israel, now is the time, as some countries do not accept entry to those who have traveled in Israel.
  • If your course allows, the archaeological site of Umm Qais is well worth the detour. It is perhaps less well preserved than the site of Jerash, but it offers a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee (Lake of Galilee), Syria and Israel. It is also a meeting point for Palestinians immigrated to Jordan who is homesick and wants to look away from their homeland.

A pilgrimage to the Gates of the Promised Land

For the traveler fascinated by history and cultures, Jordan can also be an authentic place of pilgrimage. Some important biblical episodes took place there. Here are a few: Mount Nebo – Moses would have died there and it was through this place that the Hebrew people entered the Promised Land. Bethany – The baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist would have taken place on this bank of the Jordan. Jerash – Many passages of the Gospel record the passage of Christ in this city. Machaerus – The ruins of the palace where Princess Salome would have beheaded John the Baptist.

How to go there?

Renting a car is the best option for the journey the country at your own pace as public transit is more geared to meeting the needs of the local population and many interesting sites are difficult to access. Gas is not very expensive, the road network is in good shape and if you ever go astray, Jordanians will be happy to tell you the right way. Know that you can also rent a car with driver. Did you know? An overview of the Petra and wadi rum site can be seen in the Indiana Jones movie and the Last Crusade. The Hashemite dynasty, from which the royal family reigns in Jordan, has long been the guardians of the holy city of Mecca.

Know Before You Go

The best period: spring and autumn. The majority of the population is Muslim, avoid diving pleats and it is respectful to cover the arms and legs during some visits (for women). Avoid traveling near border areas with Syria and Iraq.

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